We look for inspiration everywhere

In a crowded market with fierce competition, we need people who embrace creativity and can inspire us with new ways to shape the business. Why settle for the easy option?

We like to get about

You can find us in 40 countries, offering our services in 17 languages.

We're an international family

We've got over 1,500 lastminute people in 8 countries - with hundreds of developers and software engineers.

We help people create memories that matter

Our customers can search for and book the most convenient flights, hotels or dynamic holiday packages on our websites and App.

Our dynamic holiday packages technology

We give our customers access to millions of possible combinations of travel solutions in real-time.

Our customers don't sit still

We get over 20,000 passengers off on their holidays per day.

We're not just for desktop

Our product is diversifying, with 40% of all bookings now on mobile and this is growing every day.

Our mission

To lead the travel industry by leveraging technology to simplify, personalise, and enhance our customers’ travel experience

Our brands

We’re super proud of the fact all our brands have strong identities and make us stand out from the crowd. It means each brand is immediately recognisable in their home country and across Europe, making us among the worldwide leaders in the travel sector.

And we’ve done this through expressive storytelling and a bespoke content strategy per brand which has seen our cutting-edge campaigns win awards. Having such a distinctive portfolio helps us better target the right audience in the right market at the right time. It also means we all get excited when we see our flamingos on social media, on giant billboards or even on London buses.

Our history

From a single-branded startup to an international listed group, we have always managed to maintain our entrepreneurial attitude and spirit. Our growth has skyrocketed, boosted by organic improvements and acquisitions, taking us from a product-centric flight-driven OTA to a diversified customer centric holiday-driven travel player.

2020 was probably the most challenging year ever for the travel and tourism industry. It was hard but we also learned many lessons. With our people, we not only navigated the pandemic, but future proofed the company to use the recovery as a springboard to build an even better business and we are now ready to live for the holidays again!

Wish you were here?

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